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Tobias Pustelnik was born in 1991 in Graz (Austria). His first musical experiences were at the age of seven studying the recorder and violin with Ingeborg Weingerl-Bergbaur. After a couple of years of budding interest in jazz and attending a concert of a local big band he switched to the saxophone. Soon the fascination grew into a passion and by the age of fourteen he set his sights on becoming a professional musician. After a couple of years with Johann Prassl at the local music school in Fehring he began studying jazz saxophone at the University of Arts in Graz with professor Karlheinz Miklin from years 2010 to 2014. In this period he developed an understanding for the fundamentals of jazz music such as sound, time, articulation, sight-reading, arrangement, composition and music theory. Pustelnik gained a lot of experience especially in the field of big band music since Graz has a very strong big band scene. He was part of “Jazzorchester Steiermark”, “HGM Jazzorchester Zagreb”, “KUG Jazzorchestra”, “Graz Composers Orchestra” and “Emiliano Sampaio Mega Mereneu Project” just to mention a few.


07.09.2023  – Overseas Quintett / Paris (FRA)

05.10.2023 – Q’arteto Uli Langthaler / Mödling (AT)



Tobias Pustelnik Quartet

Formed in 2018 and regularly working on a constantly growing repertoire. Strongly rooted on the jazz tradition. Improvisation is the dominating element. Seeking challenge in complex or odd solo forms.

Tobias Pustelnik – ts, ss
Christopher Pawluk – guit
Andreas Waelti – b
Valentin Duit – dr


DCS Tobias
  • Tobias Pustelnik Quartet „Intentional Intuition“ (2021)

Discography (Sideman):

  • Q’arteto Ulilangthaler (2023)
  • Daniel Holzleitner Comprovisition Project (2022)
  • Paula Langthaler Quartet „Double Happiness“ (2021)
  • Urs Hager Quintet (2021)
  • Raphael Käfer Constellation Project (2021)
  • Jonatan Sarikoski Search Party „The time is ripe“ (2020)
  • Daniel Holzleitner Comprovisition Project „Comprovisition“ (2020)
  • Emiliano Sampaio Mega Mereneau Project „Music For Large Ensembles Vol II“ (2020)
  • Roland Hanslmeier Quintet „Polaroid“ (2019)
  • Balazs Balogh Quintet „Borderline Inspirations“ (2018)
  • Jazzorchester Steiermark „The Big Base Band Live“ (2018)
  • Jazzorchester Steiermark feat. Karlheinz Miklin „Next Page“ (2017)
  • Emiliano Sampaio Mega Mereneu Project „Tourists“ (2015)
  • Andrej Urminsky Quintet „Four +1“ (2014)





Paris, France