Tobias Pustelnik Quartett

Tobias Pustelnik Quartett
Formed in 2018 and regularly working on a constantly growing repertoire. Strongly rooted on the jazz tradition. Improvisation is the dominating element. Seeking challenge in complex or odd solo forms.

Tobias Pustelnik – ts, ss
Christofer Pawluk – guit
Andreas Waelti – b
Valentin Duit – dr


Tobias Pustelnik is an important member of the young austrian jazz scene and part of many different projects.

Daniel Holzleitner Comprovisition Project

Daniel Holzleitner: Tb., Comp.

Tobias Pustelnik: Sax Piotr

Lipowicz: Guit.

Urs Hager: Piano

Ivar Roban Krizic: Bass

Matheus Jardim: Drums

Jonatan Sarikoski Search Party

Tobias Pustelnik – ten. sax.

Thilo Seevers – pno.

Vilkka Wahl – guit.

Ivar Roban Krizic – bs.

Jonatan Sarikoski – drs.

Music composed and arranged by Jonatan Sarikoski

Roland Hanslmeier Quintett

Roland Hanslmeier (drums.,comp.)

Tobias Pustelnik (sax)

Thilo Seevers (piano)

Joe Clemente (git)

Michael Ringer (bass)